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Item # Web 528

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Express the hope that someday a cure will be found for breast cancer. Choose this Symbol of Hope flower arrangement. A standing wreath created from pink carnations and miniature carnations is delivered on an easel. Approximately 13" (W) x 24" (H) (Dimensions do not include easel.)

Red: Most commonly associated with the fight against AIDS/HIV. Also heart disease, stroke, substance abuse, MADD, DARE, Epidermolysis Bullosa, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

Purple Ribbon: Pancreatic cancer, testicular cancer, thyroid cancer, domestic violence, ADD, alzheimer's, religious tolerance, animal abuse, the victims of 9/11 including the police and firefighters, Crohn's disease and colitis, cystic fibrosis, lupus, leimyosarcoma, and fibromyalgia

Orange Ribbon: Leukemia, hunger, cultural diversity, humane treatment of animals, and self-injury awareness. 

If you have a specific color in mind, we'd be more then happy to customize the piece to your request.